Our work defines us

Our 31 years of experience speaks for itself

For the past thirty-one years Alaska Village Initiatives has sponsored the Rural Small Business Conference. The conference brings together rural businesses and leaders that provide networking opportunities, training, and technical information exchanges on new technologies. The conference focal point is the Marketplace Tradeshow, providing an excellent opportunity for participants to meet exhibitors showcasing their products and services.


2022 RSBC

Still no crowds, just a better experience.

Why work with us

31 years & going

We’ve been doing this for thirty years, and we will deliver the same quality of event online at a fraction of the cost.

we are creative

We’ve put together a support team to deliver a virtual conference, not another zoom meeting – an online event you will remember.

we are dedicated

The RSBC team is working with our event vendor to deliver a national quality event for our audience. Our backups have backups to make sure everything works as it should.

core audience

RSBC knows who the audience is, what they have come to expect, and we are ready to deliver. From keynote addresses to one-on-one meetings, we have the technology to make it happen.